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Luisa is a design strategist with a background in Architecture and Urbanism. She speaks about smart vs. social cities, design inclusion, and the diminishing boundary between digital and physical urban experiences. When Luisa is not here, she's usually at Nomadic Labs working with mission-driven organizations to reframe social challenges and catalyze positive impact through design.

Luisa is currently an active member of Ottawa Civic Tech, a co-host of Ladies Wine & Design Ottawa, and the chapter lead of Speculative Futures Ottawa.

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Does Architecture Dream of Upheaval?

[Writing, Academic]

In the search for a speculative architecture to break free from linear evolution, a thoughtful investigation in regards to social, political and economic factors must be conducted. These factors participate within the rhizome, re-appropriating not only on a map, but through a network that suggests an alternative set of parameters influencing architecture and urbanism. This rhizome does not offer a solution to existing architectural difficulties, rather it aims to generate a radical uplift of possibilities: an upheaval, in this senses an architectural performance.

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Does Architecture Dream of Upheaval?

M.Arch Thesis 2015

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Exceptional/Exceptionable Spaces

A Symposium & Published Essay on AC2

Exceptional / Exceptionable Spaces

[Writing, Event, Academic]

An interdisciplinary collaboration that will explore the urban environment and its architectural and spatial composition in relation to Migration and Diaspora Studies.

Symposium Keynote Speaker: Keller Easterling (Extrastatecraft)

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a Space of 1 1/2 Bodies

[Architectural Installation, Event]

This installation seeks to draw the viewer into an experience of the merger of worlds. Rather than simply remaining a passive observer of the ‘real’ at-a-distance, the viewer is confronted with a choice to encounter the other half. This other half is none other than that of the ‘dream’.

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a Space of 1 1/2 Bodies

1/4 of a hill for Kosmic 2015

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Percy Station

Pop-up Urban Intervention

Percy Station

[Architectural Installation, Community]

In 2016, the City of Ottawa announced an open call for “Streetside Spots”. Among other selected proposals, Percy Station was built to bring cultural programs and micro-businesses back to its site - a local cafe and music venue destroyed in a fire Winter 2015.
The construction was sponsored by the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Chinatown BIA. The residents in the surrounding areas also donated plants, fixtures, and cash to keep Percy Station running for the duration of the “Streetside Spots” program - June to October 2016.
The program includes a kiosk run by local businesses on a rotational basis, a social area surrounded by edible plants, and a bike repair tool-stand maintained by volunteers.


[Own Project, Startup]

Tech-enabled community engagement for the design of shared urban spaces.
As Part of the Guelph Civic Accelerator, Milieu.io worked with public-sector planners to co-develop an engagement platform to better understand residents.